Wilson: $500,000 not enough for hospital projects

Published on May 17, 2018

The number one priority for Progressive Conservative candidate Jim Wilson in this election campaign is securing the full planning grants needed for the redevelopment of the hospitals in Collingwood and Alliston.

At media events at both Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston and Collingwood General and Marine Hospital on May 17, Wilson said if reelected he will continue to push the government to release the full planning grants for the two redevelopment projects. Wilson said despite the government announcing in February that is was giving each hospital $500,000 for planning costs, the money has not materialized.

“Half a million doesn’t go very far when the total cost is $14 million. Everybody should also know the cheques have not been delivered to either hospital yet. The hospitals are using their own money to fund these planning costs. That is money that should be used for front-line services,” he said. “I will do my very best to secure the $14 million planning grant each hospital needs to get through the five-stage planning process if I’m reelected. I believe I am the candidate best positioned to deliver this commitment. I am not going to quit until these two hospitals are built and the future of health care in the riding is secured.”

Wilson said capital spending for hospitals will be a priority under a Progressive Conservative government.

“The government has $19 billion available for hospital capital/construction and that same amount of money will be available under a Doug Ford government. Simcoe-Grey deserves its fair share of provincial health spending,” he said.